Alternative Indie-pop

Sarah Kinsley is The King of new music

by Marco Ovies

Sarah Kinsley has the sort of vocals that you would expect from your favourite acoustic artist like Tori Kelly or Adele, but her latest EP The King is anything but that. Kinsley quickly shifts from her acoustic roots that we have seen on previous singles such as “Wine Stained Lips” with her first track “Karma”

With a driving beat and soaring synths, “Karma” makes me feel like I am ascending into another plane of existence. It’s how I imagine Maggie Rogers would have sounded if she went down a more electro-indie path with her latest album. It still stays true to Kinsley’s roots, and I can only imagine how amazing an acoustic guitar version of this song would sound, but the chorus scratches an itch in my mind that I can’t quite place.

But the brilliance of this EP comes from its last three songs. “I’m Not A Mountain” sounds like the sort of heartbreak I felt watching the montage from Pixar’s Up. But then the strings kick in, accompanying Kinsley’s vocals to create an otherworldly sound.

Then it transitions into “Caught Up In A Dream,” which by itself is already a great song. But it serves as a preamble for the titular track “The King” which is a soaring self-realization on Kinsley’s end.

“The King” reminds me of “Photograph” by Arcade Fire from the Her soundtrack, except if BØRNS had written it. Sarah Kinsley truly demonstrates that she is The King of heartbreaking Indie-pop and this EP has only left me excited for her future.

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