Take a journey into “Summerland” with half•alive new single

by Marco Ovies

The third single off of half•alive sophomore album is “Summerland”. Named after a beach town in Southern California, “Summerland” is written from the hopeful perspective that with the changing season will come growth and maturity. It is the indie-pop anthem that we have grown to love from half•alive and is reminiscent of warm nights and late drives.

When asked about the new single, half•alive said, ““Summerland” was created from a conversation about patterns I had with my uncle in Oakland, CA sometime last year, specifically, about the patterns of life as seen through the seasons…  How the seasons show us the same pattern of the day, & of our life stage, & so much more.  I became so fascinated by this pattern & how structural it is to music & art & literature..  The romance & fruit of summer (noon, maturity), giving way to the dramatic dying of Autumn (sunset, old age), to the death of Winter (midnight, death), & the rebirth of Spring (sunrise, youth).”

They continued on to say “We’ve always wanted to write a summer song, but the depth of this story made it feel like the summer song of all summer songs.  It’s night swims & dancing & late nights with friends & the beach & sun tans, but it’s so much more as well.  Summer is the beginning & the end of the story, the golden hour of romance, where all of life is at peace with God & each other & in ourselves, where freedom is savored & where we want to remain forever.  So at a glance, it’s just a summer song, but under the surface, it’s that & so much more.”

We first learnt about the song in the “What’s Wrong” music video through a secret code. The message, written in wingdings 3 font, read:

“super excited about our new song

it’s called summer land”.

It was definitely worth the wait, and incorporates typical synth filled choruses with obvious R&B elements, which is what made half•alive album Now, Not Yet such a hit. half•alive is expected to drop their next album sometime in 2021.

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