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Debut single “Bunny” by The Birthdays is exactly the type of alt-rock we’ve been waiting for

by Marco Ovies

“Bunny” is a perfect combination of nostalgia with a college bedroom rock feeling. While the song does feel like it could have easily been released in 2001 alongside The Strokes Is This It, The Birthdays still bring something new to the table that listeners will find absolutely addicting.

The Birthdays is a collaboration between Ben Grey of Dear Boy and Jackson Phillip of Day Wave who became friends after touring in 2017. In 2020, Phillip began sending Grey voice memos that would eventually form their unique sound.

“We did a lot of conceptual world building before we broke any ground on the project… Not that we had any choice in the matter, but it actually ended up being a really cool way of approaching this thing.” says Grey. “Jackson and I have been good friends for a while but this is the first time we’ve started a piece of music from scratch. He’s a genius person, so it’s incredibly inspirational working with him.” 

New music is expected to drop in the near future from The Birthdays despite both Dear Boy releasing their debut full-length album and Day Wave working on the follow-up to their 2020 Crush EP.

Connect with The Birthdays: Bandcamp | Instagram

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