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Self titled EP from mei anima is music that stays true to its roots

by Sydney Ann Dargent

Vancouver-based artists Mei anima released their first self-titled EP on July 16th. The duo comprised of Edin “Dino” Hajdarovac and Cole Martin performed, produced, and mixed Mei Anima. Their passion for the music leaks through every note. Blending together rock, R&B and modern beats, Mei Anima creates an eccentric alternative experience. Every song has different influences, heard in the composition and mixing; making every track unique. No matter your music taste, something on this EP will speak to you.

The skilled guitar takes centre stage on every one of the EPs 7 tracks. Strong vocals from both artists tie everything together. Thoughtful electronic beats mixed with the traditional drums create a well-built backing track.

Stand-out track “Route 666” has a distinctly southern charm to it. Simple drums make the catchy guitar line stand out. The raspy vocals paint a picture of a man going on the run, saying goodbye to his beloved. This song is a bluesy outlaw country with a modern voice. Reminiscent of The Highwaymen, if they were 20 something years old.

“Hey”, “Now”, and “Sunshine” also have strong roots in the music of the 70s. Soulful guitar playing on these tracks can be likened to that of David Gilmour and other psychedelic rock artists. Instrumental “Hey” shows off the technical writing ability of Hajdarovac and Martin. And the nearly seamless flow between the first two tracks hooks you in for the rest of the album.

A strong debut album for Mei Anima, hopefully, the start of a strong career. 

Connect with Mei Anima: Instagram | Spotify

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