TikTok sensation JORDY sings “Till It Hurts”

After going viral on TikTok, artist JORDY has released his latest single “Till It Hurts.” It is a vibrant pop-love song featuring warm vocals and heartwarming lyrics about loving someone “till it hurts.” In a press release, JORDY said:

I think we all feel like we’re hard to love sometimes. Whether it’s our anxieties or bad habits or baggage from past relationships, there are moments where we all ask ourselves if we’re even worthy of love in the first place. But I think a lot of us that struggle with those feelings are ones who have an incredible amount of love to give. Maybe it’s the fear of love being unrequited, but I often struggle in relationships by exerting so much love that I’ll usually just end up hurting in the end. I’ll go out of my way to love someone else so fiercely that I’ll forget to love myself. Or I’ll expect the same amount of love in return and then end up disappointed when my partner can’t give that to me. “Till It Hurts” was written in Big Bear, California with some of my best friends in the world (Austin Wolfe, Drew Polovick and Katie Donnelly). It’s me owning all of my flaws and insecurities while also recognizing my capacity and ability to love someone else unconditionally. Even if it hurts.” 

JORDY’s new single is an unfortunately relatable feeling, but it’s so catchy that I don’t entirely mind. Its release is perfectly timed with the recent hot summers days and I plan on blasting it on my next drive. JORDY has successfully created infatuating pop beats with deep meaningful lyrics, making him a force to reckon with. Pop-artist beware, JORDY is about to take the radiowaves by storm.

“Till It Hurts” follows the release of “Better In My Head” and TikTok famous song “Long Distance.” With appearances on Jimmy Fallon and a feature of Youtube Music’s 2021 Pride Collection, JORDY’s future is looking bright.

Connect with JORDY: TikTok | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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