Punk rock

The Linda Lindas release punk-rock pep single, “Oh!”

by Petra Chase

The Linda Lindas is an emerging punk band consisting of Mila (age 10), Eloise (age 13), Lucia (age 14), and Bela (age 16). The group served punk-rock poetic justice to a classmate who spewed anti-Asian hate to Mila with their viral song “Racist Sexist Boy” earlier this year. When Jimmy Kimmel asked them what he thought about their debut national performance on his show, they shrugged, saying “we don’t know” and “doesn’t matter.” Their careless defiance at such a young age is inspiring.

“Oh!”, released on July 26, is their first single under Epitaph Records. The gritty, energetic exclamations churn self-doubt and turn it into spirited anger. Unadorned lyrics make the confessions more sincere. With lyrics like “When I think of things/ They always turn out wrong” and “Everytime I speak/ I m-m-m-mess it up”, Bela asserts her voice like a powerful proclamation of frustration, sharply cutting through her bandmates’ guitar growls and boisterous drum beats. The collective “oh!”s and “hey!”s are like chants of solidarity inviting you to cheer along. In the chorus, as The Linda Lindas spiral into uncertainty, the chaotic hook beckons you to lose yourself in the carefree shouted words and instrumental range.“Oh!” is the perfect anthem for releasing your pent-up frustration.

Connect with The Linda Lindas: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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