“Everything Happens!” when nodisco. releases a new single

by Madeleine Chan

Toronto-based indie-pop artist nodisco. aka Chris Toufexis, a relative newcomer akin in sound to Cherry Pools and Nightly has released a new single “Everything Happens!”

Gone are the wistful, yearning, laying-in-bed days of his debut EP Who Knew I’d Write Songs About You? released earlier this year, “Everything Happens!” embraces the energy of summer freedom. An infectious punch of a chorus with a four-on-the-floor beat and playful guitars emulates the feeling of escaping your room. Paired with his trademark, casually soul-baring lyrics like “Everything happens for a reason if you want it to / I don’t want it to,” it’s nothing but a joyful balm.

In an Instagram post, nodisco. wrote on the significance of the song’s lyrics:

“When a relationship ends, or something bad happens in your life, people say, “Everything happens for a reason!”, but I don’t know if that’s necessarily true. It only really does if you choose to think of it that way.

It’s been a tough year+ for all of us, so I wrote this as a way to try to get over the comical amount of sad and bad stuff that happened.”

It’s safe to say that after listening to this song, you’ll at least get over not being able to dance and smile instantly.

Connect with nodisco.: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website

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