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Dani Camacho gets personal about her new single “You’ll Know” [Interview]

by Sydney Ann Dargent

Dani Camacho‘s new single “You’ll Know” is her second studio recording, released on July 16th. I got the chance to have a candid conversation with Dani about her song and what her experience as a singer-songwriter has been like.

A deeply personal song, “You’ll know” reflects on what it’s like to be accepted.

In an exclusive interview with Attuned, Dani Camacho said “The song is really like a celebration of finding a good love that, you know, accepts you and every part of you [. . .] It was really inspired by the relationship I have right now. With the things, he says to me. It’s definitely a true story but I won’t elaborate, it’s a secret.”

With the pandemic, Dani has found time to release two original singles. Extra time at home enabled her to focus on music. Between university classes and teaching singing and piano lessons online she managed to write and co-produce two singles.

“I’ve been wanting to release songs for so long. I’ve been writing since I was 10.”

When I asked what held her back originally, Dani said she struggled with putting together a team.

“What I was scared of was trying to find a producer who would fit my vibe.”

She did eventually find a producer who fit her singer-songwriter aesthetic and allowed her to co-produce the songs. Recording both songs in a studio for the first time was nerve-racking at first but her team helped her settle in.

“It was definitely intimidating the first time recording in a studio because I was working with people who have been in the industry for a while. They were very welcoming of me and they weren’t treating me like I was new.”

Recording in a studio was a big jump for Dani, who recorded covers and demos in the safety of her bedroom.

“It was such a surreal experience recording at the studio — hearing the arrangements that we came up with being played by a drummer — that was like whoa. It was so magical hearing it come to life. Hearing them play my song.”

Dani admitted she is a bit of a perfectionist and sometimes she has to accept when a song is finished.

“It just never seems to be enough for me, I just always want to revise it.”

Dani gathers her influence from a myriad of artists known for their songwriting ability.

“I draw influence from a lot of other singer-songwriters. My favourite artists are Sara Bareilles, Taylor Swift, JP Saxe. I would love to work with Sara Bareilles, she’s my favourite. I think she writes the best lyrics ever.”

You can definitely hear the influence of these singers in her music, but the lyrics are all her.

“I love to write about my own personal experiences. I’m inspired by other people’s sound.”

There is a lot in the pipeline for Dani as she awaits the release of the music video to “You’ll know” which is in the editing phase.

“I’m also trying to work on an EP, but that won’t be released until next year. I’m taking my time.”

Keep a lookout for the music video which will be released soon and expect a powerful, personal EP from Dani next year

Connect with Dani Camacho: Instagram | Youtube

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