Stun embraces healing on new single “Gimme Love”

by Madeleine Chan

Hip-hop artist and Indigenous Screen Awards winner Stun has released a new single “Gimme Love” following the release of his 2019 sophomore album Braided Up. Shifting from that album’s more traditional hip-hop sound, the Winnipeg-based artist creates a lighter feel on “Gimme Love.” 

Similar to the openness of Dakota Bear’s “Freedom,” “Gimme Love” employs a simple walking synth and hi-hat-based rhythm to allow the words to shine with a laidback feeling. It’s clear the artist is aiming in a new direction sonically — the music video for “Gimme Love” even plays the opening of Stun’s song “Play It Right” before he smashes the TV playing it. 

The lyrics match this feeling of trying to move on. In an Instagram post, Stun said that “Gimme Love describes the aftermath of being misunderstood. The song revolves around the upbringing challenges from an Indigenous perspective. From the toxic traits passed down from residential schools to the reconciliation of a newfound personality. Ultimately, love is the answer to most of our issues, even the unresolved ones.”

It’s no wonder because the song gives the impression of a nice hug among a group of friends and family.

Connect with Stun: Website | Instagram

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