Andy Yu serves us a cool glass of “Lemonade” with new single

by Marco Ovies

After going viral for his rendition of “Castaway” by The Backyardigans (and admittedly that is how I discovered him), Andy Yu has been someone to keep an eye on. His latest single “Lemonade” is his typical chill indie-pop that made me fall in love with his music combined with dance beats and an innovative chorus. It is obvious that Andy Yu is carving his way into the music industry by taking common tropes of indie-pop and adding his own unique style.

Andy Yu seems to know exactly what he is doing and doesn’t try to overcompensate with overly complex bridges or unnecessary musical additions. The song clocks in at just over two minutes and is the perfect bite-sized summer jam. He gives us a single crisp glass of lemonade instead of the whole pitcher, leaving me wanting more in the best way.

Andy Yu has the same potential to blow up alongside the likes of Dayglow and Ritt Momney, both of whom are young artists who got their start composing music in their bedroom. So if this is your first time hearing about Andy Yu, expect his name to be popping up more as this musician’s career starts to take off.

Connect with Andy Yu: Instagram | TikTok

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