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Circles: Celebration of Our Creative Culture & Community

by Marco Ovies

On Saturday, August 28 2021 at 3pm you can head over to Andy Livingstone Park to attend “Circles: Celebration of Our Creative Culture & Community”. This event is being held by Decolonial Clothing and will feature different speakers, art, performances, and vendors. Two of these performers will be Drezus and Dakota Bear who earlier in July dropped their collaboration “Circles”.

According to their Facebook event, “Circles is in reflection of community, uplifting and empowering BIPOC youth. Often, Indigenous People don’t have safe spaces for our creative expression. We are building those safe spaces, we are grassroots and doing the groundwork needed to bring healing to our community. “

They continue by saying that “music is a vehicle to drive our messages and amplify our voices. Music is a universal language that brings people together, we will continue to build off the strength of our ancestors and bring our truths to light and use our platforms to fight for justice.”

This will be “a day of demonstrations to Amplify & Empower Indigenous Youth”.

You can get tickets to “Circles: Celebration of Our Creative Culture & Community” by donating here. All donations will go towards paying the artists. For more information, be sure to check out the Facebook event page.

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