The Driver Era made me their “#1 Fan” with their latest single

by Marco Ovies

“#1 Fan” is the second release from The Driver Era’s sophomore album GIRLFRIEND coming out on October 15. It is a glitchy synth-infused song that shows that bandmates and brothers Rocky and Ross Lynch are not afraid to step outside of the box. It is obvious that these two know the fundamentals of writing a radio hit, and while this single incorporates those techniques, this song has become its own thing entirely. The Driver Era is another in a long list of pop sensations who are branching outside of the norms of “popular” music, much like Billie Eilish’s latest album Happier Than Ever.

When asked about the inspiration behind the track, Ross states “The song has two meanings — when we first started writing this song, my girlfriend (Jaz Sinclair) was also releasing music, and I loved that we aren’t one of those couples that feel like it’s a competition when there are two creatives involved. It’s also really about being your own #1 Fan, which Rocky and I absolutely are.”

Their album is the product of COVID-19, with the duo spending lots of time in their garage studio after their world tour was rescheduled to November 2021.

The Driver Era is like good cheddar cheese, it gets better with age. Each song the duo produces is better than the last and leaves me excited for the future of the band.

Connect with The Driver Era: Website | Instagram | Twitter

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