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“Show Runner 99” shows how much Ritt Momney has grown

by Marco Ovies

Ritt Momney, solo project of 21-year-old Salt Lake City native Jack Rutter, just released his latest EP Show Runner 99 which includes his new single with the same name. He began as an indie rock band comprised of high school friends, but then his music became a personal outlet after his bandmates left on Mormon missions and his girlfriend left for college. In his bedroom, he wrote, recorded, and produced his debut LP, Her and All of My Friends, in which Rutter grapples with loss, loneliness, and the drift away from Mormon culture. This latest EP comes after his rendition of “Put Your Records On” which went viral on TikTok, and shows that Ritt Momney’s music has room to blossom, but will continue to stay true to his roots.

Specifically, titualr track “Show Runner 99” is a soft and gentle ballad that is reminiscent of his original LP with warm synths and carefully written lyrics. On his Instagram, Ritt Momney said “this song is basically about trying not to be defined by a single moment in ur life, no matter how big. The search for self goes on whether u like it or not!!!!!!”

Ritt Momney’s tree metaphors are once again present in this single with the artist singing:

“Where the silence grows like trees
I’m fielding congratulations
While I’m choking on the leaves”

Ritt Momney, “Show Runner 99”

Much like a tree, Ritt Momney has had time to grow and stretch his branches. While he talks about choking on the leaves, all I can see is his music beautifully blossoming before me. If Her and All of My Friends was just a sapling, Show Runner 99 is a mighty evergreen.

The whole EP shows that Ritt Momney is not afraid to venture out with songs like “Escalator” really stepping outside of his usual sombre melodies. “Set the Table (feat. Claud)” is also different than the music we are used to, with the track taking obvious influence from current indie-rock but with his classic electric vocals and synth samples. It’s difficult to pin down an exact genre for Show Runner 99, but maybe that is the brilliance of this EP.

Ritt Momney is clearly showing that he won’t be defined by his previous work and is here to create something innovative and exciting. Despite having just released new music, I am completely ecstatic for Ritt Momney’s next project.

Connect with Ritt Momney: Website | Instagram | Twitter

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