Alternative Indie-pop Interview

Daysormay talks about their new album, a mysterious briefcase, and their fans influence [Interview]

by Sydney Ann Dargent

Daysormay has much to offer with their complex music and captivating videos. In preparation for their new album Just Existing the trio has released 7 videos starting in June 2020 with “Role Model” (ft. Tessa Violet). All their music videos revolve around a mysterious briefcase and its journey through some of Vancouver’s most recognizable landscapes. “Ideally we’d love to (have a video for each song on the album) but there might be one or two songs that at least for the moment won’t have a video,” says singer and lyricist Aidan Andrews. No feature film length continuous music video, still 7 videos so far is impressive and there is more content to come.

In regard to the first video with Tessa Violet, Andrew said “We had an initial concept that we kind of stumbled on and we found this briefcase idea.”

“People think we’ve had this idea the whole time,” added drummer Carson Bassett. “It kind of pieced together as we figured it out,” continued Andrews. “Then people started to notice and I think if people hadn’t noticed it, it wouldn’t be where it is today”.

Highlighting the influence of their fans Andrews said “seeing what other people think has helped us piece together as we went. It’s cool to see other peoples theories”.

With such a connected story there has to be some level of pre-planning. From the coordinated outfits and often moody tone; it’s obvious a lot of thought goes into what we see on screen. “We try to put as much work into the visuals as we would into the concept of the song,” said Andrews.

And that work seems to have paid off, they’ve managed to create a very uniquely Vancouver tone in their videos. Bouncing from the beach to the middle of the city to a vacant field they showcase the variety of Vancouver. As well as its near-constant overcast state which adds to the air of mystery in their videos. “It’s been really interesting creating this world” adds Bassett. And interesting to watch as well.

Their full album Just Existing will be released on October 6th. Hopefully, a rescheduled show from their cancelled Westward Festival appearance will follow.

Connect with Daysormay: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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