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Goth Babe’s “Casita” sounds like summer days spent with good friends

by Marco Ovies

It seems impossible for Goth Babe to write a bad song, and has proven this once again with his latest single “Casita”. It just seems unfair that someone can write such good music and live my dream life of living in a camper van with his dog. But it’s impossible to deny that this new single perfectly encapsulates that summer feeling. From the acoustic guitar that is reminiscent of campfire singalongs, to the soaring synths, the whole track screams summer road trips. And with the weather starting to turn grey, this is exactly the type of music we need.

On Instagram, Goth Babe said that this song “is about [his] trip down to California at the start of the summer, ditching the wet Oregon winters, and enjoying good friends”.

In addition to the new song, Goth Babe also plans to go on tour in California for October and November, with the first stop being Los Angles at the Fonda Theatre. You can buy tour tickets online at

Connect with Goth Babe: Website | Instagram

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