Alternative Indie-pop

Peter McPoland’s latest single is anything but a “Shit Show”

by Marco Ovies

After discovering Peter McPoland on TikTok, I have recently become obsessed with his latest single “Shit Show.” The energy this song holds is electric and it is the kind of music that makes me miss live shows. I can already imagine crowds losing their voices singing along to Peter McPoland’s truly unique vocals. This track is truly the drunken sing-along of our generation.

On Instagram, Peter McPoland said, “This song felt so real and truly mine for the first time in a while. It had belonged to me mostly for so long, maybe too long, but I could not be any happier to be listening with you now.”

“Shit Show” by Peter McPoland is the latest in a long line of songs that have arisen from TikTok and proves the number of talented creators that use the app. The song encapsulates the. . . well, shitty feeling a lot of youth can relate to (hey I get a free pass to swear because of the song title, don’t judge me). Now signed to Columbia Records, Peter McPoland has a bright future ahead of him. Expect more from the artist in the near future.

Connect with Peter McPoland: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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