Tune-y Tuesday

Tune-y Tuesday: Imaginary Rainy Rendezvous

by Zach Siddiqui

Heatwaves are out, and heavy rains are soon to be in — and on a rainy day, nothing feels better than a rendezvous. Whether you choose to cosy up to a friend, a crush, or a new novel, put on your barista apron and sprinkle the chilly pattering on windows over the sound of a mellow playlist. (And if you have nothing to do at all? These songs might help you at least imagine that your shelter from the weather is a bit more engaging than it is.) Each of these songs represents a different sort of overcast, stay-in activity vibe to me — and maybe for you, too.

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Softly — Clairo

In an instant, this 2019 hit sets a misty filter over my eyes and I start to see my bedroom as a potential lookbook come to life. No, but seriously, Clairo’s lo-fi sound is just right for starting off your day. Get yourself dressed for whatever cute plans you (wish you could) have in store for yourself.

Another Girl – Wild Belle

Though Wild Belle set “Another Girl’s” music video in a desert, I find its tension and abject loneliness plays just as well under stormy skies. You’ve heard of drinking alone — now do drinking black coffee to this tune while imagining a clipped confrontation with someone who’s disappointed you. You won’t be disappointed a second time. 

Catching Feelings (feat. SIX60) – Drax Project

Isn’t this just perfect for a day indoors with a blossoming crush? (The actual person you’re crushing on, or just the bundle of butterflies you haven’t yet confessed. Interpret as you will!) This internationally super-streamed song won’t fail to tie your heartstrings into Gordian knots. Find me reading love poems and scrolling through photos of my aspirational couples on Instagram.

Afterglow – THE DRIVER ERA

Ross and Rocky Lynch are pretty high-profile talents, and “Afterglow” certainly lives up to their rep. Though I chose most of these songs to suit melancholy weather, this one does a bit of the opposite; my best description of the ambience is “gently tantalizing summer vacation fantasy.” Dwell on your July photos — maybe pick the ones from 2018 or ‘19, though — and reminisce away.

I’m your Puppet – Dionne Warwick

Though this is originally a James and Bobby Purify hit, I tend to gravitate to the Dionne Warwick cover. Either way, “I’m your Puppet’s” simple, playful, yet mildly haunting lyrics draw this collection to a close with a tinge of 60s and 70s R&B. Definitely a song to savour slowly.

You can view the rest of this playlist at Attuned’s Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6eEVOiRRUWdUOV1FtzXG9F?si=2bb140061ab7435e

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