Tune-y Tuesday

Tune-y Tuesday: First Date Fantasies

by Carter Hemion

As we meet new people and go on dates, we can run into a lot of surprises. Listening to a good playlist can do anything for me, from dancing out first date jitters to winding down with some nostalgic jams.

Listen, cuffing season may be here, but it’s fine to be a hopeless romantic every season. Whether you’re thinking of your partner(s), an upcoming first date, or just daydreaming about a special someone, these songs are light and sweet for all your cuffing season needs.

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Hey Lover!” by Wabie

Wabie’s mellow lyrics introduce the playlist with a callout to another lover. The relaxed bedroom pop is an expression of finding what every romantic daydreams of: “true love and understanding.” The song has a warm reverb that wraps itself around a room to put any listener into a nostalgic haze.

Breakfast in the Park” by Scotty Sire

This song epitomizes the joy, nerves, and butterflies that come with a new autumn crush. The gentle stacked vocals on choruses meeting background electronic beats conjure up images of meeting someone new in the park for these more cautious dating times. With a catchy melody, “Breakfast in the Park” will stick in your head all day.

“Short Skirt/Long Jacket” by CAKE

“Short Skirt/Long Jacket” exaggerates the description of a perfect woman into a walking contradiction, but probably the most interesting person you’ll never meet. Do I want her? Do I want to be her? Honestly, both. CAKE’s strong bassline and trumpet backing make the song, but featuring prominent percussion like the vibraslap, scratcher, cowbell, and tambourine turn “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” into one of my favourite tunes.

“Die Happy” by DREAMERS

DREAMERS gives us the closing song, “Die Happy.” What any kind of relationship comes down to is enjoying time together, and this song is a reminder that letting someone we like waste our spare time is sometimes all we really need. The upbeat pop-rock song is an opportunity to let go of any relationship worries and just embrace the music.

You can view the rest of this playlist on Attuned’s Spotify.

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