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LA Solution Center collabs with Megan Emanuel in deeply personal track “Slow Squeeze” [Interview]

by Sydney Ann Dargent

Collaborating with fiancée Megan Emanuel wasn’t the intention when Dan Ponich started LA Solution Center. “I was in a band before and then they broke up. I co-own a recording studio [ . . . ] So it’d be silly of me to not utilize the studio” said Ponich.

So far 4 singles with various collaborations have been released under LA Solution Center. “Slow Squeeze” will be number 5 and the second to feature Emanuel on vocals. In an interview with Attuned, Emanuel said the collaboration “came about pretty randomly. Dan had this instrumental that he wasn’t sure what to do with [and he said] do you want to see what comes out of this, which is probably not something you would feel comfortable doing with just a random [person].” The chemistry flowed well between the two “It was also very easy in the way that Meg is amazing. And so she knocked it out of the park [ . . . ] there was nothing I wanted to change.”

Emanuel turned Ponich’s instrumental into a hard-hitting track also featuring Andrew McSherry’s vocals. The meaning behind the song is one of a feminist anthem. Emanuel expresses something that a lot of women struggle with “I’m just very bitter about the way that women experience our world, in our society. And the more frustrated it makes me the more it tends to come out in the things that I write.”

Emanuel is grateful for the opportunity to release some of these negative emotions. Ponich is equally grateful to his partner and said, “I know that she’ll take [writing the song] seriously because she knows it means a lot to me”.

“Slow Squeeze” isn’t as upfront about the meaning as the artists behind it. “It’s nice to be able to have a song that says something important to you, but that isn’t on the nose,” said Emanuel. Emanuels writing skills manage to push a powerful meaning past purposefully vague lyrics. “I didn’t know the theme behind it until I asked what it was about,” said Ponich.

Released late last night “Slow Squeeze” is the alt-rock hit we’ve been waiting for and the artists think so too. “[the] few people that we have shown everyone’s been really stoked about it [ . . . ]  I think while staying true to myself, it’s a people pleaser,” said Ponich. “Before I was in bands, our goal was always to make music that other people like” now LA Solution Center aims to make music for themselves.

“Something that’s really cool about Dan as a songwriter is that a lot of the music that he writes is music that he would personally want to listen to,” said Emanuel. She also said you can tell if someone is writing for themselves or to please others, and ‘Slow Squeeze’ sounds deeply personal.

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