“Knock Away” by Emanuel Tägil is hauntingly beautiful

by Marco Ovies

Emanuel Tägil’s latest single “Knock Away” is a truly unique song featuring ghostly guitar and smartly included brass adornments. There is something eerie about the latest single, but I mean that in the best way possible. The gentle pulsing of the synth in the background accompanied by the brass instruments and beating of drums brings a sort of serene energy while the artist sings “We’ll tear a hole in the world, you and I.”

In a press release, Emanuel Tägil said, “Music is religious to me. I write songs about relationships, memories, hopes and fears. Writing songs gives me a sense of mystique and deeper meaning. I believe everyone who writes or creates, recalls and retells contributes to the great deciphering of the collective unconsciousness. I believe it’s the meaning of human life.”

Emanuel Tägil’s draws inspiration from many different areas of his life. You can hear elements of pop to black metal, from video game music to Jamaican dub which creates a truly unique listening experience.

Connect with Emanuel Tägil: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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