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Endearments shares new single “Ocean” off of upcoming EP “Father of Wands”

by Marco Ovies

Endearments, a Brooklyn dream-pop group released their first single “Ocean” off of their upcoming EP Father of Wands releasing November 5. The song is a soaring synth exploration that swells up and down like the waves in an ocean. Similarly, the eerie echo of synths in the background of the track simulates this ebb and flow.

In regards to their EP, Father of Wands’ tarot-themed title emerged long before its songs were written. “I like to draw a tarot card whenever one of my tattoos is finished,” said frontman Kevin Marksson in a press release. “I pulled the Father of Wands during a very turbulent breakup in 2019, but it wasn’t until the end of writing this EP the following year that I began to connect the two.”

Reminiscent of other synth-inspired groups like Future Islands, Endearments is a band to keep an eye on in the future. “Ocean” is just a precursor for the highly anticipated Father of Wands.

Connect with Endearments: Instagram | Twitter | Bandcamp

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